It's Kirby. Who doesn't like Kirby?

I don't have much nostalgia tied to Kirby as I didn't really grow up with games, but I got into Kirby around 2010-2013-ish through some gaming content as well as the anime, then at some point I took a break from Kirby for like 6 years, and then got back into it during the later half of 2021.

Anime Kirby is definitely my favourite itteration of Kirby. He's the most precious baby I've ever seen and frankly, he makes the show itself 10 times better just by existing.

So far I've played Star Allies, Forgotten Land, Planet Robobot and Triple Deluxe as far as main-series games go, so my hands-on experience with abilities is limited to those games' rosters.
In Star Allies my go-to's are sword, hammer and yo-yo, but I also enjoy cutter and wing (wing mostly for movement).
In Planet Robobot my favourites are sword (again), archer, mirror and hammer.
Triple Deluxe actually surprised me with how much I enjoyed Beetle. I recall not really liking it on my first Star Allies playthrough, but maybe it's time to give it another chance.

For Forgotten Land, it's hard for me to pick a favourite, as so many (especially upgraded) abilities are really fun to use.
If I had to list a few, I'd probably go for Noble Ranger, Meta Knight Sword, Volcano Fire, Toy Hammer, Space Ranger, Morpho Knight Sword, Dragon Fire, Masked Hammer, Crystal Needle and Blizzard Ice.

Aesthetically, my favourites are probably beam and ghost. As well as Meta Knight sword, I just think it's cute. :'3

Anime Kirby especially doesn't really speak (apparently there was rule about him not being allowed to speak when the anime was made), but he does say a handful of words/names during the anime (that aren't some variation of 'Poyo'), so why not list the ones I've noticed, because why the hell not.

Words/names anime-Kirby canonically knows/says (Sub): Credits
Kirby corner graphic: By Nintendo, ripped by Zeek on spriters-resource
Mike Kirby screenshot from Hoshi no Kaabii/Kirby Right Back at ya (anime)
Cutter Kirby sprite by Hal Laboratories, ripped by OmegaKyogre on spriters-resource
Yo-yo, Ghost and Beam Kirby sprite by HAL Laboratories, ripped by Random Talking Bush on spriters-resource
Sword Kirby sprite by HAL Laboratories, ripped by Drshnaps on spriters-resource
Wing Kirby sprite by HAL Laboratories, ripped by Geo The Fox on spriters-resource
Mirror Kirby sprite by HAL Laboratories, ripped by jermungandr on spriters-resource
Cherry Blossom Kirby art from official site for Kirby Monaka
Kirby riding the warp star art from Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition
Meta Knight Sword image from Wikirby