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Stop by and rest for a while. Remember to take it easy every now and again. Sleep Kirby art from Wikirby, belongs to HAL Laboratories. Chatbox can be found at the bottom of the middle container.


This will be my personal website.
I mostly want this place to be good and chill vibes.
Mostly just includes some random rambles and thoughts of mine and some graphics. I'm also gonna be sharing stuff I'm interested/passionate about at the moment.
Current main hyperfixation is the Kirby franchise.

That being said, I'm an adult and am not going to cater to or compromise my site for younger audiences, so there may be swearing or mature themes on the site, even if it isn't plentiful.
This site also supports all fictional interests. 'Don't like, don't read' and all that. Just be a decent person to real people and we're good. :)

v Link to the site if you so please :) v

Stuff to add:
Custom Cursor to Galacta Knight shrine (lance)?
Add links to Links
Self-made images that link to shrines
A pagedoll or smth
Start linking cool art somewhere
More reviews
Nav button for Reviews


Added a bunch of new links to Links, and updated the broken image for the self-ship webring.
I wanna redo some parts of the site, but brain said no for now.

All images that were linked to Discord previously should now be moved either here or on Imgur. :3
Add a link to a Fanmade Kirby Forum, Gryll's Monochrome Mansion.
Merry, early Christmas to those who celebrate. :D

Added a review of Kirby Fighters 2.

Added a page for Reviews. Just need to get around to making a nav button for the page-
So far there's only a little review for Kirby's Dream Land, but as you can see, there's more Kirb on the horizon. :3c
Updated the About nav button and added a post to both the regular blog and the fandom one!
Also added a new website to Links.

Added links to Links. c:
Added a bunch of new stuff to Toybox.

Started posting Pointless Kirby Trivia over on the fandom-section of the Blog page.
Added a link to links.
Added an animated Tasque button and gif to graphics.

Added stuff to Buttons and a link to Links.
Also did some minor code edits.'
Din't mind the testing page, it's for testing out code edits etc.

Been doing some minor code fixes and text editing.
Added Pokemon cards I like to Toybox and a new site to Links.

About page has now been officially added! :D It's still kinda plain though-
Also added a bunch of stamps, including some I made myself (the Kirby BG aesthetic ones), as well as a link or a few to Links and some stuff to the Toybox.
Added a new blog post.

Updated the playlist so now there's not a bunch of YouTube errors, as well as added new tracks to the list! :D

Just realized I missed the site's 1 year anniversary. ;w;
Added a custom cursor to the Meta Knight character shrine. Also added the cursor to Graphics.
As a sidenote there will be nothing about Return To Dream Land Deluxe leaks (or leaks for any game) on this site.

Updated container font size, widths and heights to fit better to my new laptop and hopefully made them more consistent all around.
Webring. :D
Updated the link for Starliner in links.

I'm occasionally doing small updates.
Added new thing to links, made front page look better on my new laptop (aka, made the middle and right containers taller).

Added a fandom blog post about the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest.
Started making an About page and considering adding a page for some sort of writing stuff, probably 'reviews' of the Kirby games?

Been adding a couple of blog posts.
Finally made a stamp/button for the site for those who want to link it.
Started adding links to other Neocities sites, more will be added at a later date, it's late here.

Did some code editing, mostly to try and increase readability.
Finally added some links to the Links page.

Added a post to the blog and tried to improve the readability of the blog page by changing the main font to Verdana.
Updated to-do list and added Galacta Knight character shrine (a bit of a WIP still).

16.5.2022 - 3.6.2022
I've mostly been adding posts to the Blog page. One of the most recent ones was triggered by your typical socmed discourse, so please skip that one if you want to avoid the subject.

Been doing some various updates/adjustments, but most notably I added a Fandom Related section to the Blog page. Currently it's housing some Kirby theories/theory rambles.
Also added a couple of posts to the regular Blog

Did some general code updating.
Updated the marquee (Scrolling text).
Added current nav buttons to Graphics.
Added chatbox.

Added a 'blog' update as well as some stuff to Buttons and Toybox.
Added custom scrollbar to all main pages.
Added SCM Music player to site.

Updated the nav buttons to fit in better with the rest of the site.
Added Teeny Towers section to toybox.

Some new things added to toybox. I really want to update this site more soon, I'm almost done updating code on my other site.

Sorry for being quiet here for so long. ;w; Got hit by motivation to update my character storage, so this site ended up on the sidelines. Also got the rona (I'm fine now, I think *knocks on wood*), which kept me from doing pretty much anything for a while.

3.2.2022 + 19.2.2022
Added a smol update to the 'blog'.

Added a thing to the button/stamp collection.

Added custom cursor to Kirby shrine and a new sentence to the rolling text on this page.

Added a couple of stamps to Button/Stamp collection, adopts tp Toybox and a guestbook.

Added Meta Knight shrine.

Smol update to blog.

Updated Kirby (Character) shrine.
Added star rod cursor to most pages! Also available on the Graphics page. c:

Updated Kirby (Character) shrine and To-Add list.

Added more buttons/stamps to my collection.
Added Links, Blogs and Shrines pages.
Added a Kirby (Character) shrine.

Site was created!